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City of Minot
Sanitary Sewer System Improvements

Project Details

In the spring of 2012, the City of Minot, ND retained the services of Apex Engineering Group to begin comprehensive planning, design and construction of numerous sanitary collection and conveyance projects throughout the City. Due to unprecedented growth, the City of Minot was in dire need of updating its sanitary sewer infrastructure to accommodate the significant flows that were master-planned for the north and east portions of this growing metropolitan area.


Hydraulic modeling and alternative analysis revealed that routing future flows through the City’s existing collection and conveyance systems, in the heart of the City, would be insurmountable and not feasible. Therefore, new collector sewers, force mains and sanitary pumping stations were master planned, designed and constructed along the north and east perimeter. These systems ultimately convey all of the future flows to the wastewater treatment facility located on the southeast corner of the City.

The following list includes some projects that were a part of the sanitary collection and conveyance system upgrades:

  • The Northwest 24” diameter collector sewer improvements.
  • 13th Street, Airport, Walders, Roosevelt, Master and Control lift station improvements
  • The 55th Street and 30th Avenue forcemain and collector sewer improvements.
  • The 55th Street, 30th Avenue and 55th Crossing sanitary lift station improvements.
  • Livingston Coulee sanitary lift station and forcemain improvements.


Approximately $50 million dollars have been invested in the comprehensive upgrades to the City’s sanitary sewer infrastructure. The upgrades were designed and constructed over a period of five years, and all of the master-planned improvements will be substantially complete in the fall of 2018.


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City of Minot


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