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Dickinson's Reuse Booster Station

Project Details

The City of Dickinson has experienced extensive growth due to oil production in the surrounding Bakken Formation. The city retained Apex to assist in expanding its wastewater system to better serve residents and provide for further growth.

The Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) was designed to treat wastewater to a level of quality that could be discharged or sold for irrigation and industrial purposes. The next step was to design and construct the new Reuse Booster Station to create the first area-wide reuse water distribution system. The system offers access to a sustainable water supply for industrial uses while easing demands on the potable water supply. The station is capable of pumping 150 to 2,100 gallons per minute and can be expanded based on need.

This solution allows industries have access to the quality and quantity of water needed for oil production. Plus, the city is able to recycle waste while generating revenue and conserving the potable water supply. Sales to date have more than paid for all construction costs. 

Dickinson’s system is planned to be the largest, area-wide reuse water system in North Dakota.  The station was designed to operate under a wide variety of demands and conditions, allowing it to adapt as demands fluctuate. Reuse water may be used for watering parks and golf courses, dust control at construction sites, and a multitude of industrial and agricultural uses. The distribution system will continue to grow, allowing for storage facilities, fill stations and even individual service connections

Project Type

Wastewater Treatment


City of Dickinson


Dickinson, ND

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