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Bismarck Public Schools
Legacy High School - Electrical Systems

Project Details

Legacy High School is a 280,000-square-foot high school facility located in northeast Bismarck, designed to support 1,300 students and 150 staff members.

The administration area is located just inside the main entrance to the school which offers a secure checkpoint for all visitors to the school. The access card control system includes controlled access to all exterior doors of the facility and larger areas of the interior wings (learning centers) within the school.

The facility consists of traditional classrooms along with discovery or activity areas located in each of the classroom groups within the school.  The cafeteria, collaboration rooms, technology center, and library make up the central core of the school. A large gymnasium is centrally located with access to all classroom wings and the exterior parking lot with a walking/jogging path around the perimeter. 

The athletic area of the facility houses a wrestling room, cardio room, weight room, the main gym, and a smaller auxiliary gymnasium available for practices and additional playing space in the event of scheduling conflicts.

A 600-person auditorium is used for classroom lectures and full-scale theatrical performances. The lighting and sound systems within the auditorium are all digital-based and can be added to the owner’s Local Area Network (LAN)  at a later date. 

The facility is full of technology and infrastructure to provide students with a cutting-edge learning experience. A wireless network is installed throughout the facility allowing both students and staff members the opportunity to access data anytime and anywhere. The classrooms are wired for internet access and cable television through the use of short-throw projectors and smartboards. A wireless infra-red sound reinforcement system is provided in each classroom for assisting the teachers in reaching out to all students within the space. 

There are six different sound systems all linked together using fiber optic cabling. This gives the owner the ability to broadcast events in the gyms to the auditorium or vice versa. The class call system is integrated with the wireless analog clock system for flexible class scheduling and consistent/accurate time throughout the school.

Project Type

Electrical Systems


Bismarck Public Schools


Bismarck, ND

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