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Sanford Health
Legacy Wing Renovation - Electrical Design

Project Details

The new renovation of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th floors of the 1952 portion of Sanford Medical Facility is a key component of Sanford’s overall expansion plan. The primary goal of the 27,000 ft2 renovations will allow the medical center to add support services to 36 patient rooms.

The fifth floor will allow the twelve patient rooms to be broken into isolation rooms consisting of three groups of four. Isolation rooms would be flexible and enable each group to be contained, air exchange wise, and handle all known health care situations.

The project is complex and will extend the electrical design to the main electrical room on the first floor of the 1972 addition.


  • Four main switchboards within this space are scheduled to be replaced. The four switchboards contain fusible disconnect switches, which have exceeded their expected life. The proposed switchboards will have electronic breakers for current coordination and electrical metering for connected loads, both real-time/long-term. Also included will be the surge suppression capability, a requirement of the current health care code.


  • The existing four switchboards are critical to the operations on the south portion of the existing building and provide electrical power to over half of the hospital’s patient, clinical, and office spaces. The planning and implementation of electrical service changes are critical to the hospital’s future growth. The equipment is unserviceable due to its age. Replacing them allows for future expansion and better maintenance of this portion of the electrical system.


  • The computer network is an essential part of electrical design. This renovation project consists of two 12-strand single-mode fibers for each of the three renovated floors. The fiber optic cables are configured such that each floor is served with two separate runs from two different network rooms.


The project is expected to be completed in the fall of 2023.


Project Type

Electrical Design


Sanford Health


Bismarck, ND

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