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City of Fargo
32nd Avenue South Reconstruction
32nd to 42nd Street S

Project Details

Apex has an extensive history of working with the City of Fargo and North Dakota Department of Transportation. Apex began working on 32nd Avenue South with both entities for the planning and preliminary engineering phases. The purpose of the project was to replace the pavement east of 36th Street that has reached its design life, increase roadway capacity, address existing operational deficiencies, and improve safety within the project corridor.

32nd Avenue was facing future deficiencies and delays that would impact both the thoroughfare and I-29 interchange. The project consisted of widening 32nd Avenue South to six lanes between 42nd Street and 36th Street, and reconstructing the roadway to six lanes between 36th Street and 32nd Street. Approximately 1000 feet of 39th Street was also reconstructed.

The City of Fargo contracted Apex Engineering Group to lead the preliminary design, environmental clearance, and public involvement process for the entire project (both City and NDDOT portions), as well as complete the final design, plan preparation, and construction administration and inspection for the City portion. At the interchange, the NDDOT designed the bridge to be widened to six lanes, a new loop ramp was installed in the southwest quadrant, and a new pedestrian underpass box culvert was installed under the ramps in the northwest quadrant. The project required additional attention and creativity for the traffic control design, as there would be heavy truck traffic throughout the construction zone, due to the two large truck stops located along 32nd Avenue. The wheel path of a truck is significantly larger than standard, which needed to be taken into consideration when adjusting traffic patterns while reconstructing intersections.

This project also included a comprehensive public involvement and business/landowner communication process. A marketing and communications firm was brought in to handle media, social media, press releases, and website updates. On intricate urban reconstruction and widening projects such as 32nd Avenue South, it is critical to have effective communication with the adjacent businesses, property owners, key stakeholders, and the public about what the project will involve and publics that will be impacted.

For second consecutive years the City has entrusted its largest project to Apex. Apex Engineering Group led the design of watermain and sanitary sewer infrastructure and handled all private utility coordination efforts for the project.

Project Type


Urban Reconstruction


NDDOT and City of Fargo


Fargo, ND

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