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Moorhead Public Service
Water Distribution System Modeling,
Master Planning, and Consulting

Project Details

Apex has a long history of working with Moorhead Public Service (MPS) on many aspects of their water supply, distribution, and treatment system.

2018 Master Plan

Apex was hired to complete a comprehensive water distribution system master plan. Part of the project included field testing and updating the water distribution system model.

2013 Task Order Contract

A task order contract between MPS and Apex has been in place since 2013 to assist with water distribution system modeling and master planning services.

Members of the Apex Team have trained MPS personnel on the intricacies of their modeling software. The use of their model has been a powerful tool from a planning, rehabilitation, and operational standpoint – saving significant time, manpower and money.

To date, much of the task order modeling and consulting work has centered on new commercial and residential development occurring within the city. Modeling analysis for adequate fire flow and pressure has been the focus of recent work.

2009 and 2006

Members of the Apex team developed and calibrated the original Moorhead water distribution model back in 2009 while employed with another engineering firm. We also authored the previous master plan study in 2006.

Project Type

Drinking Water

Distribution System Modeling

 Master Planning 



Moorhead Public Utilities


Moorhead, MN

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