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St. Cloud Public Utilities
Water Distribution System
Modeling and Consulting

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Operations, Preliminary Design, and Planning

St. Cloud Public Utilities retained Apex to assist with operations, preliminary design and future planning for their water distribution and storage facilities. GIS updates for system components such as piping, valves, hydrants, pumps, tanks and other appurtenances are transferred into the City’s model on a routine basis to keep the model current. The Apex team provides capital improvement planning and distribution system analysis as needed using the City’s state-of-the-art model.


Apex has developed an in-depth understanding of the City’s water distribution system. Over the years, Apex has worked closely with City personnel on numerous water modeling projects including:

  • Analysis for future development
  • Water demand and pressure zone boundary modifications
  • Water distribution and transmission main assessments
  • Preliminary design for pipelines, pumping stations and storage facilities
  • Regionalization of the City’s water distribution system
  • Water age and water quality analysis


Planning, operation and management of the City’s water distribution system is a challenging job for City personnel due to the complex network of distribution system piping, pump stations, storage reservoirs and elevated tanks. The system covers a large geographical area with multiple pressure zones and provides drinking water to residential, commercial and industrial customers throughout the City and surrounding areas. Utilization of the City’s model is a key component of managing this water system

Project Type

Drinking Water



 Preliminary Design


St. Cloud Public Utilities


St. Cloud, MN

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