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City of Perham, MN
Municipal Engineering Services

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Historical Overview

Apex has served as the City of Perham’s Municipal Engineer since 2012, helping the City to complete over 40 projects, including:

  • Over a dozen street and utility projects (involving sanitary sewer, water main, stormwater, and drainage).
  • Water supply and wellhead protection projects.
  • Wastewater conveyance, collection, and treatment facility improvements.
  • A Safe Routes to School project improved access and safety on prioritized routes to, from, and at schools.
  • Recreational trails enrich the lives of citizens by providing safe, easy access to high-quality paths set in natural surrounding landscapes.

Happening Now

And projects are happening now. This City of over 3,400 residents has a handful of street and infrastructure improvement projects going on, the largest being the 2024 Perham Main Street Reconstruction Project.

Project Management

Being an extension of the City is what we do. Apex helps keep the City of Perham’s projects on track by managing them from concept through closing. We provide preliminary engineering and project development services that are crucial to clearly understanding a project’s big picture, alternative designs, and realistic costs. Our design and bidding services ensure a complete, able-to-construct set of design plans are bid in compliance with specific agency requirements. And our construction services deliver project oversight and management to ensure all involved – the city, the engineer, and the contractor – walk away knowing the project was well done.

We don’t stop there. We help the City administer assessments and are there to keep residents informed at public input, hearings, and construction progress meetings.

Making Possibilities Realities

To make it all possible, our extensive experience in finding funding and finance options helps the city transform a project concept into a reality. We’ve helped the City of Perham find and administer many federal and local grants for drinking water, wastewater, economic development, small city and rural development, transportation, trail, and safe routes to school projects.

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Municipal Engineering Services


City of Perham, MN


Perham, MN

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