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NDSPE Chapter 3 Awards 2017

North Dakota Society of Professional Engineers Chapter 3 Awards

Apex is honored to have been recognized for two North Dakota Society of Professional Engineers (NDSPE) Chapter 3 awards!

The Dickinson Reuse Booster Station was named the NDSPE Chapter 3 Project of the Year for the environmental and economic benefits it provides the City of Dickinson. Apex and the City of Dickinson were recognized for utilizing a treated waste product that comes from the award-winning Water Reclamation Facility. With the reuse water pumping station and distribution system, the City is able to sell the effluent from the Water Reclamation Facility to multiple industries in an area where water is scarce, allowing more businesses to move into the region knowing that they have a secured water source available. The Dickinson Reuse Booster Station is an environmentally-friendly system, while also generating revenue for the City, thus reducing the financial impact for residents.

The NDSPE Chapter 3 Outstanding Young Engineer of the Year distinction was awarded to Jennifer Malloy. Jennifer was honored by NDSPE Chapter 3 for her extensive professional resume and her dedication to community involvement, specifically her time spent introducing area youth to the engineering field.

In addition to the awards, Apex’s Chelsea Nible was recognized by NDSPE as a new professional engineer.

Congratulations to all those involved!

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