Water Projects

Rice Lake Hydrologic/Hydraulic Analysis

Emmons County, ND

Watershed Management
Services Provided
  • CADD Survey Editing 
  • Hydrologic & Hydraulic Analysis 
  • Final Design 

Rice Lake, located in Emmons County, ND, rose several feet and threatened the US Highway 83 embankment and overall safety of area motorists. The North Dakota Department of Transportation retained the services of Apex Engineering Group to perform the closed basin hydrologic and hydraulic analysis in conjunction with the US Highway 83 widening and safety improvement project.


The Rice Lake outlet was located and surveyed to determine the ultimate height for a future grade raise on US Highway 83. Hydrologic calculations were performed on Rice Lake based on the past three years of precipitation from the contributing and noncontributing watersheds. If wet cycles continue, calculations indicated that Rice Lake will overflow relatively soon.
A major tributary to Rice Lake passes under US Highway 83, which required a grade raise and the installation of a new box culvert. Apex completed the hydraulic analysis and report for the new crossing, providing a basis of design by identifying three alternatives and associated cost opinions for the new structure.


The NDDOT completed the the final grade raise design as identified in the hydrologic and hydraulic analysis.