Water Projects

City of Minot Flood Recovery

Minot, ND

Wastewater Collection and Conveyance
Services Provided
  • Field Work
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Construction Administration

The City of Minot was inundated with flood waters from the Souris River in the spring of 2011. Unprecedented levels of flood water raged through the central part of Minot, destroying residential and commercial properties in its path. The city's sanitary sewer system was severely impacted by flooding. Many sanitary and storm sewer lift stations were inoperable or severely damaged. The City of Minot retained Apex Engineering Group to assist with the recovery effort and shore up the city's sanitary and storm sewer infrastructure.


The first task in the flood recovery effort was to inspect the various sanitary and storm lift stations, assess infrastructure needs and prioritize facilities critical for immediate operation. Field work and facility assessments were conducted by Apex and city personnel. Independent electrical contractors were brought in to correct many electrical, instrumentation and control deficiencies at the stations. Within weeks many of the major pumping facilities were back in operation.


The flood recovery effort in Minot created many challenges. Apex was a trusted advisor for the City of Minot personnel as they brought their sanitary and storm sewer infrastructure back on-line.