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Sioux Falls Water Distribution Modeling

Sioux Falls, SD

Water Distribution
Services Provided
  • Modeling
  • Planning
  • Preliminary Design

Planning, operation and management of the Sioux Falls, SD water distribution system is a challenging job for Sioux Falls city personnel. Their complex network of distribution system piping, pump stations, storage reservoirs and elevated tanks covers a large geographical area and provides drinking water to residential, commercial and industrial customers throughout the city and surrounding areas.  The City of Sioux Falls has contracted with personnel from Apex Engineering Group for more than 10 years to lead their modeling, master planning, and water distribution system management.


The City of Sioux Falls implemented a sophisticated computer modeling system to aid in planning, analysis and operation of their complex distribution system. The subject model is managed, maintained and operated by Apex and is used to assist city leaders with multi-million-dollar planning, design, operation and construction activities. On a task order basis, Apex models various scenarios, interprets data and makes recommendations for long-term infrastructure planning.


The city's model has been used for many different types of projects from analysis of residential and commercial development to pump station analysis, reservoir and tank sizing, transmission and distribution main design and fire flow assessments. Apex maintains its ongoing consulting relationship with the City of Sioux Falls today and is involved in numerous modeling and planning projects.