Transportation Projects

US Hwy 83 SB Construction

0.5 miles South of Jct 23 near Minot, ND

Minor Rehabilitation, Hot Bituminous Pavement Overlay
Construction Services Provided
  • Project Management
  • Stationing and Roadway Center Line Survey
  • Asphalt Laydown Operations
  • Asphalt Plant Inspection
  • Dynamic Message Sign Installation
  • Asphalt Plant Inspection
  • Coordination of Quality Assurance Testing
  • Work Zone Traffic Control Monitoring
  • Guardrail Installation
  • Rumble Strip Installation
  • Pavement Marking and Permanent Signing
  • Project Closeout/Final Records
Project Details

The primary component of this project included placement of three-inches of hot bituminous pavement.  Other components included shoulder preparation prior to paving, milling at the project termini, paving of approaches and median crossovers, guardrail installation, imported topsoil to flatten the median inslope, seeding and mulching, rumble strip installation, permanent signing and pavement marking, and the installation of a Dynamic Message Sign on the south side of Minot, ND.

The project covered 14 miles with 55,000 tons of hot bituminous pavement.  It was constructed  for the NDDOT at cost of $4.3 million in 2012.