Transportation Projects

US Hwy 83 Rehab

ND/SD State Line, North to Strasburg

Major Rehabilitation
Services Provided
  • CADD Editing of Survey 
  • Hydrologic & Hydraulic Analysis 
  • Permitting 
  • Coordination with Utilities 
  • Borrow Acquisition 
  • Right of Way Plat Preparation 
  • Right of Way Negotiation and Acquisition 
  • Final Design & Plan/Bid Documents
Services Provided by Sub-Consultants:
  • Supplemental Topographic Survey - HDR, Inc. 
  • Deep Water Survey for Box Culvert - Adventure Divers

Apex was chosen to provide final design and plan preparation for a major rehabilitation of 15.1 miles to US 83 from the state line north to Strasburg in Emmons County, ND. The plans included a grade raise at Rice Lake due to the rising waters that are threatening the embankment and overall safety for area motorists.

Project Details

In addition to providing the roadway design and plans, a significant piece to this major rehabilitation included the hydraulic analysis to determine the grade raise needed for US 83 at Rice Lake. Part of that hydraulic analysis included a deep water survey to determine the depth and location for a new box culvert crossing, which provided the basis for the new structure selection by identifying three alternatives and associated cost opinions.

Key roadway design elements included:

  • Safety Improvements 
  • Turn Lane Additions 
  • Erosion Control 
  • Culvert Design 
  • Work Zone Traffic Control 
  • Permanent Signing and Pavement Marking

The project is scheduled for construction in 2012.

Estimated construction cost: $9.3 million