Transportation Projects

ND Hwy 46 & 13

ND Hwy 13 East of Lehr and ND Hwy 46 East of Gackle

Highway Grade Raise, Widening and Rip/Rap
Services Provided
  • Preliminary Engineering 
  • CADD Drafting of Topographic Survey 
  • Project Concept Report 
  • Hydrology and Hydraulic Analysis 
  • Permitting 
  • Coordination with Utilities 
  • Right of Way Plat Preparation 
  • Right of Way Negotiation and Acquisition
  • Public Involvement 
  • Final Design & Plan/Bid Document Preparation

The relentless wet cycle has affected the lakes and prairie pot-hole regions across the state.  Sections of state highways are under water in these closed basins where in some cases, natural outlet levels are 10 to 30-feet higher than existing roadways. The NDDOT turned to Apex Engineering Group for engineering services at four separate locations which were eligible for Federal Emergency Repair (ER) funds. These projects consisted of emergency grade raises or widening and riprap at one site along ND Hwy 13 East of Lehr, and three sites on ND Hwy 46 East of Gackle.

Project Details

In addition to providing the proper environmental document (PCR) and roadway design, Apex's water resource engineers completed the hydraulic analysis and determined the height to raise each roadway section crossing these closed basins. Apex assisted the NDDOT in developing standard criteria and hydrologic analysis methods for all grade raise projects. Alternatives were developed to best meet the purpose and need of each project while minimizing impacts to the environment.