Transportation Projects

385th Street (CMC 0837) Grade Raise

Burleigh County, North Dakota

Grade Raise and Reconstruction
Services Provided:
  • Preliminary Engineering/Project Concept Report
  • CAD Drafting of Topographic Survey
  • Hydrology and Hydraulic Analysis
  • Permitting
  • Coordination with Utilities
  • Coordination with USFWS
  • Final Design and Plan/Bid Document Preparation
  • Construction Engineering

Burleigh County encountered a relentless wet cycle affecting lakes and prairie pot-holes across the region.  385th Street NE, one mile south of Arena, was inundated by Harriet Lake during this wet cycle and was located within a closed basin where the natural outlet is approximately 5 feet higher than the existing roads. 


Project Details

Preliminary Engineering/PCR and Final Design/Bid Documents were provided for the one mile grade raise on 385th Street NE.  After evaluating different grade raise alternatives, it was decided to build the grade raise to an elevation two feet above the natural outlet.  During the PCR phase, consultation with the USFWS and FHWA was completed as the project was adjacent to critical habitat of the threatened piping plover and the endangered whooping crane.  As an outcome of this coordination, monitoring for these species within one mile of the construction site is required while construction operations are occurring. The grade raise construction began in 2012 with completion in 2013.