Municipal Projects

TH 10/59 Frontage Roads

Detroit Lakes, MN

Street, Underground Utility, and Lift Station Improvements
Services Provided
  • Apex provided project development, preliminary engineering and design for City infrastructure.
  • On project aspects that will ultimately become part of the City's street and infrastructure systems, Apex was involved with general oversight and collaboration with MnDOT.

The City of Detroit Lakes and the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) joined together in developing a transportation improvement project along the western edge of Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. Much of the project scope was developed by MnDOT and as the Engineering Consultant for the City of Detroit Lakes, Apex worked closely with their team to ensure that the interests of the City were met.


While MnDOT developed much of the scope, some of the project elements affected City infrastructure and will ultimately be transferred from MnDOT to the City upon project completion. Therefore, Apex provided oversight, development, and design input with these aspects. Additionally, Apex was responsible for developing improvements to the City of Detroit Lake's sanitary sewer, watermain, lift stations, and local streets impacted by the project. High groundwater levels, poor soil conditions, a sewer depth of 30 feet and proximity to TH 10 made conventional open-cut excavation very difficult. Therefore, the lift station was installed using a sinking caisson method which eliminated the need for excavation near the busy highway and avoided the uncertainty of excavating in poor soil conditions. The adjacent 1,300 feet of watermain and lift station forcemain were installed utilizing horizontal directional drilling.


The overall project scope includes the reconstruction and extension of both the TH 59 and TH 10 frontage roads, an underpass at TH 59, the extension of Holmes Street, stormwater collection and treatment improvements throughout, surface improvements to TH 10, and traffic signals among other ancillary work. In response to these improvements, the City of Detroit Lakes will be making improvements and relocations to additional infrastructure including sanitary sewer, lift stations, and watermain. Portions of the project were constructed the fall of 2014 with the remaining work completed during the 2015 construction season.