Electrical Projects

Maintenance Building Electrical Services Upgrade

Bismarck, ND

Electrical Design and Construction Administration

The state of North Dakota hired Apex Engineering Group to upgrade the existing three-phase, medium-voltage electrical service to the maintenance building on the state capitol grounds. Within a confined location, the failing equipment posed serious arc flash risks to the maintenance personnel.

Project Details

Apex worked with the state of North Dakota and oversaw the installation of a new oil-filled medium voltage transformer outside the building and provided service entrance feeders to a new main distribution panel. All existing motor ratings were reviewed to determine compatibility with the new system.

One major project challenge included the project budget. Apex worked closely with the owner to develop a detailed scope, a budget, and a thorough set of construction documents. The actual bid for construction was five percent under the budget (including design fees). The project commenced in August, 2011 and is currently under construction.



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