Drinking Water

Open the tap and take a drink. It's just that easy, right? Of course, this seemingly simple concept is really incredibly complex. Supplying, treating and distributing drinking water requires the constant management of hundreds of variables.

Apex can help with innovative systems to efficiently bring water to your area; meet federal, state and local regulatory standards; and ensure you can manage pressure, flow and storage as conditions and seasons change. Specifically, we plan, design and implement:

  • Water Wells and Intake Structures
  • On-site Pilot Plants
  • Water Treatment Systems
  • Residual Handling Facilities
  • Pumping Systems
  • Water Storage Facilities
  • Computer Models for Distribution Systems

We also help communities secure grants and low-interest loans to fund their projects. 

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Employment Opportunity

CADD Technician - Water

Apex Engineering Group has an opening for a CADD Technician, either as a full or part-time employee. Primary responsibilities include providing detailed CADD (Computer Aided Design Drafting) drawings during design and plan preparation for various projects. CADD technicians typically work in a team environment under the direct supervision of a Project Manager, Engineer, or Lead Technician. Additional duties include assistance with preparing graphics or drawings for proposals and project interviews, printing, filing and document preparation.