Electrical Engineering

Electricity is the spark that powers much of our personal and professional lives. It helps fulfill our fundamental needs like heat and food storage, and lights up the screens we turn to for information and entertainment. We rely on electricity to keep us safe and provide the personal comforts we're accustomed to.

Clients of all sizes trust Apex to maintain and manage the critical electrical systems they depend on. We deliver cost-effective, safe designs for low- and medium-voltage distribution systems, energy efficient lighting, life safety systems, phone and computer system infrastructure as well as sound and security systems.

Employment Opportunity

CADD Technician - Water

Apex Engineering Group has an opening for a CADD Technician, either as a full or part-time employee. Primary responsibilities include providing detailed CADD (Computer Aided Design Drafting) drawings during design and plan preparation for various projects. CADD technicians typically work in a team environment under the direct supervision of a Project Manager, Engineer, or Lead Technician. Additional duties include assistance with preparing graphics or drawings for proposals and project interviews, printing, filing and document preparation.