Most of us don't think twice about what goes into opening a facility - its electrical system design, building design, hassle-free parking lots or even the layout inside to ensure we can get where we're going and get out easily.

With our attention to detail and years of experience working with multiple consultants and engineering disciplines, we deliver rationale and effective solutions for facility design and engineering by staying true to owners' goals and offering:

  • Electrical Engineering and Design
  • Civil/Site Engineering and Design

At Apex, we provide complete electrical engineering and civil/site design capabilities to the Design Team. Our staff has experience working directly with owners or as part of a multi-disciplined team to see the project through from initial concept to functioning facility.


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Employment Opportunity

CADD Technician - Water

Apex Engineering Group has an opening for a CADD Technician. Primary responsibilities include providing detailed CADD (Computer Aided Design Drafting) drawings during design and plan preparation for various projects. CADD technicians typically work in a team environment under the direct supervision of a Project Manager, Engineer, or Lead Technician. Additional duties include assistance with preparing graphics or drawings for proposals and project interviews, printing, filing and document preparation.