Balancing water supply and demand requires planning, vision and agility. With rushing rivers, numerous lakes and seasons of abundant snow and rain, water is rarely in short supply in this part of the country. And in other regions, our water sources are becoming scarce and more contaminated. Whatever the situation, water - too much or not enough - impacts every community every day.

Getting a handle on this precious H2O is no small task. States, cities, counties and water resource districts have to control, clean, move and manage their drinking water, wastewater, stormwater and sometimes, flood water. At Apex Engineering Group, we have the expertise and experience to help.

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The shortest distance between two points may be a straight line, but as communities grow and our infrastructure ages, navigating the continuous improvements, rehabilitation and newly constructed routes within our transportation system can be anything but direct.

At Apex, we always consider existing conditions and constraints of a transportation network or corridor while implementing new ideas and improvements to benefit the public in the long term. We have the hands-on expertise and experience to assist cities, counties and state DOT's to cost-effectively improve their transportation systems from inception to completion.

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The infrastructure in most communities is often unseen and taken for granted. Citizens assume their streets, water, sewer, storm drainage and traffic signal systems will function as expected and without disruption.

Smaller communities often rely on municipal engineers with big picture thinking to help them plan ahead, budget, and obtain funding for their city improvements. Our staff has the experience to plan, design and provide construction observation services, resulting in high quality infrastructure improvements. We can assess and cost-effectively solve the evolving challenges faced by growing and changing communities.

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Think of the buildings you utilize every day - your children's school or daycare, a doctor's office, restaurants or even the office you work in. Most of us don't consider what goes into opening a facility - its electrical design, building codes, hassle-free parking lot access or even the building floor plan, allowing us get to where we're going or to exit during emergencies. With our attention to detail and years of experience working with design professionals, we deliver rational and effective solutions for facility design and engineering by offering electrical and civil/site engineering and design. When you work with Apex, you have a partner you can count on to be there when the first pile of dirt is moved until the last light fixture is hung.

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Employment Opportunity

Design Engineer I - Transportation

We are looking for a Design Engineer I working in the Transportation Group located in our Bismarck or Fargo, ND office. Primary responsibilities include working as a key project team member on highway and urban roadway projects from the planning phase through design and construction.