Apex Wins Awards at the NDWPCC

Date: Thursday, October 20, 2016

Apex is proud to recognize the success Tim Paustian, Michael Quamme, Karla Olson, and Seth Lynne had at the 2016 North Dakota Water Pollution Control Conference!

Tim Paustian received the George Warren Fuller Award which recognizes professionals for their commitment and contribution to water related topics.  The award celebrates the legacy of George Warren Fuller and his triumphs in the water and wastewater treatment and is given out annually to a member of AWWA.

Michael Quamme was named the Young Professional of the Year for his leadership and dedication to the water industry.  Nominations for the award can be made by members of organizations involved in NDWPCC and the recipient is awarded annually.   Michael is an active member of WEF and AWWA. 

Karla Olson and Seth Lynne were inducted into the Select Society of Sanitary Sludge Shovelers.  Induction into this society is based on a high level of service and continual overachievement in the wastewater industry. 

Apex is honored to have such distinguished professionals in our organization.

NDWPCC_all  NDWPCC_Paustian

  NDWPCC_Quamme  NDPWCC_Olson_Lynne